NEW RESOURCE: “Harm Reduction Strategies for People Who Inject Drugs: Considerations for Pharmacists” released by the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP).

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1. Summary of the law.

In 2017, Senate Bill 2247 was created with the intent of improving access to naloxone by allowing pharmacist to dispense naloxone to those at risk for opioid overdose.

On July 9, 2018, SB2247 SD1 HD2 CD1 was signed into law as Act 154 (18).

This act states that pharmacist may prescribe and dispense naloxone to individuals at risk for an opioid overdose or to a family member or caregiver of an individual at risk for an opioid overdose. Pharmacists who prescribe and dispense naloxone are required to complete an approved training program related to prescribing naloxone and provide information and written educational material to those receiving naloxone.

Please click on the link below to review Act 154.

2. Description of the training program and link to training program.

The opioid epidemic is a growing problem in the United States with about 115 death every day from opioid overdose. Pharmacists are accessible healthcare provider that are now able to prescribe and dispense naloxone in accordance with Hawaii Act 154. This program is designed to provide the training required for pharmacist to prescribe and dispense naloxone in Hawaii.  Hawaii Naloxone training program for Pharmacists – coming soon.

3. Clickable download of Patient Handouts – coming soon.