Young people age 12-25 are at the highest risk of addiction to prescription painkillers. Find out what you can do as a student or young person to help prevent prescription painkiller abuse among you and your peers.

Source: (SAMHSA- Information for Educators, Students, Parents, and Families)

Young adults seeking (or in) recovery from a behavioral health issue can benefit from peer support services that promote individual well-being. Find resources and view the webcast of the Awareness Day 2014 National Launch event focused on the value of peer support in assisting young adults with behavioral health challenges, particularly in relation to education, employment, housing, and the criminal justice system. Review the SAMHSA Blog: Tell Your Story of Peer Support.

Most young people ages 12 to 20 do not drink. Get the facts about alcohol use and reasons why children and adolescents should be Too Smart To Start. offers resources for children and youth who are looking for information about mental health problems and how to seek help.