Alberta’s Story

It got to the point where Alberta would take a few pills every hour, and not even her family wanted to be around her. Now, she’s back with her children and grandchildren and helping others learn to cope with physical and emotional pain.

Gabe’s Story

Gabe lost his grandmother and found himself using pills to escape. He would search the family medicine cabinet looking for pills. Now, he’s teaching others about storing medications safely and how Naloxone can help reverse an overdose.

Alberta’s Hawai‘i CARES PSA

Alberta and her children talk about how substance use affects the entire family. Call Hawai‘i CARES for crisis support and substance use treatment services at 1-800-753-6879.

Alberta’s Pain Management PSA

Alberta started using because she needed to take the edge off, and it escalated to the point that she lost her family. Learn safe ways to manage physical and emotional pain at

Gabe’s Safe Storage PSA

Gabe’s substance use got so bad that he would search the family medicine cabinet when they left the room. Keep your loved ones safe and learn to store your medication safely at

Gabe’s Naloxone PSA

Gabe saw someone recover from an overdose after someone sprayed Naloxone in his nose. If you or someone you know users opioids, get Naloxone and keep it with you. Learn more at