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Press Release: Governor Ige Convenes Multi-Department Opioid Abuse Prevention Initiative

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HONOLULU – Hawaiʻi currently ranks 43rd in the nation in drug overdose deaths. The rank has remained steady over the past six years, even though drug overdose rates continue to rise across the nation.

Drug overdose remains the leading form of injury-related deaths for Hawaiʻi residents. It currently accounts for 23 percent of all fatal injuries, according to the Hawaiʻi Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Services and Injury Prevention System Branch. While heroin-related overdoses are much less frequent in the state, Hawaiʻi is experiencing an increase in deaths from heroin overdoses, which mirrors the alarming national trend.

In the News: State officials work to prevent opioid overdoses

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In response to a growing opioid “crisis,” government officials are coordinating a statewide plan to combat overdoses, the leading cause of injury-related deaths in Hawaii.

Drug overdoses, which account for 23 percent of all fatal injuries in Hawaii, have been the leading cause of injury-related death for the past decade, according to the Health Department. Hawaii ranks No. 43 among the states for drug overdose deaths.